(1) ONE- New Cropmaster High Speed Implement - 11l-15 Tires - Tubeless 12 PLY

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Quantity 1=1 Tire

  1. Size Notation:

    • 11L-15
      • 11L: Nominal width and height of the tire in inches.
      • 15: Rim diameter in inches.
  2. Specifications:

    • Cropmaster High-Speed Implement: Indicates the tire model and its intended use. "High-Speed Implement" suggests that the tire is designed for implement use at higher speeds.
    • Tubeless: Indicates that the tire is designed to be used without an inner tube.
    • 12 PLY: Indicates the ply rating, specifically 12 plies. Ply rating is a measure of the tire's strength and load-carrying capacity. A 12-ply tire is heavy-duty and suitable for substantial loads.
  3. Intended Use:

    • Implement Use: This tire is designed for use on various agricultural implements, indicating it is suitable for farm machinery.
  4. Application:

    • High-Speed Rating: The mention of "High-Speed" implies that the tire is designed for applications where higher speeds may be encountered.
  5. Ply Rating:

    • A 12-ply rating suggests that the tire is heavy-duty and capable of handling significant loads commonly encountered in agricultural applications.
  6. Tubeless Design:

    • The tubeless design simplifies installation and maintenance compared to tires that require inner tubes.