(2) TWO- NEW 20x10.00-10 DEESTONE D265 4PR Lawn Mower Turf Tires

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(2) TWO- NEW 20x10.00-10 DEESTONE D265 4PR Lawn Mower Turf Tires


       QUANTITY OF 1 = 2 TIRES       

  • Part #: DS7045
  • Sidewall: TL
  • Load Range: B (4 Ply)
  • Tread Depth: 7/32nds
  • Tire Weight: 13 lbs
  • Sect. Width: 10"
  • Overall Diameter: 20"                     

    Specially designed for vehicles that require heavy duty work, the Deestone D265 ensures that driving on tough terrain for long periods won't be a problem. The Deestone D265 features a front and rear utility with an edgy style that's ideal for tractor and mower vehicles. The tire is made out of top quality rubber with soft consistently lined ribs ideal for duties that require the most stability. Deestone tires are manufactured by utilizing modern facilities to ensure quality and durability. The best part is that Deestone tires come at an affordable price but with the same quality as most high-quality tires. When you're driving on a set of Deestone tires, the least of your worries is getting stuck in mud or having a flat tire in the middle of the road.

    Features & Benefits

    • Quality tread for excellent hold on rocky and tough terrain
    • Ideal for all conditions whether it’s dry, wet, or snow
    • Top quality rubber in a pattern that allows for stability when driving on uneven surfaces