Set of 2 (TWO) Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Heavy Duty Premium Trailer Radial Tires-ST235/85R16 235/85/16 235/85-16 132/127M Load Range G LRG 14-Ply BSW Black Side Wall

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Transeagle is a tire manufacturer which specializes in the design and production of commercial truck and trailer tires. Their tire models provide the necessary durability and controllability needed for such applications. Trailer tires sold by Transeagle ensure a safer towing experience, minimising the possibility of trailer swaying and optimizing the overall performance.  


TransEagle ST Radial

The TransEagle ST Radial is a highway terrain all season tire manufactured for trailers. The compound and the tread design ensure excellent dry, wet and winter weather traction and prevent hydroplaning.

The maintained road contact of the symmetric tread design, with the closed and solid shoulder ribs, enhance the driving stability, cornering capability and steering responsiveness to the towing vehicle’s instructions. The symmetric tread design also prevents irregular wear formations across the tread area. The ST Radial promotes great durability as its reinforced internal structure is able to withstand and handle heavy loads with ease.

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