(1) ONE- NEW BALER 31X13.50-15 Farm Rib Implement TL HWY TIRE

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        (1) ONE- NEW BALER 31X13.50-15 Farm Rib Implement TL HWY TIRE

                                          Up to 30 MPH Highway speed


  1. Size Notation:

    • 31x13.50-15
      • 31: Overall height or diameter of the tire in inches.
      • 13.50: Width of the tire in inches.
      • -15: Rim diameter in inches.
  2. Specifications:

    • Farm Rib Implement: Indicates that the tire has a farm ribbed tread pattern, which is often used in agricultural applications.
    • TL: Stands for Tubeless, indicating that the tire is designed to be used without an inner tube.
    • HWY: Often used to denote a tire suitable for highway use.
  3. Intended Use:

    • Baler: The mention of "Baler" suggests that this tire is designed for use on hay balers, which are agricultural machines used to compress and bundle hay.
  4. Application:

    • Farm Ribbed Tread Design: The farm ribbed tread pattern is common in agricultural tires, providing stability and even weight distribution.
    • Tubeless Design: Simplifies installation and maintenance compared to tires that require inner tubes.
  5. Highway Use:

    • The "HWY" designation suggests that the tire is suitable for highway use, indicating that it may have features promoting on-road performance and durability.