Two Vee Tire Zig Zag 26x4.0 White Wall Tire E-Bike Ready Multi Compound 26x4

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Get some of that old-school cool with the Zig Zag, our retro look, but modern tire perfect for your beach cruiser, cafe racer or sidewalk speeder. Zig Zag’s wide carcass adds comfort and it’s slick, zig-zag, pattern makes for smooth progress. White sidewalls for that period correct, classic finish.

This is a 26x4.0 White Wall Vee Tire Zig Zag Bicycle Tire. The Zig-Zag has a unique style compared other fat tires. With its straight-line knobs, you can match your old classic style bicycle with a modern lifestyle that meets for design of beach bike, cruiser bike, bobber, cafe? racer or speedway rider. No matter, if you want to ride fast or slow, this tire is a true show-stopper!l. Vee Tire has been a leading manufacturer of high quality bicycle tires and tubes since 1977. Produced in Thailand, each of their products are carefully crafted with select raw materials using state of the art modern technologies giving Vee Tire a leading edge over the cheaper low cost products on the market. Ride with confidence and Ride Safe with Vee Tire!

  • Contents: Single 26x4.0 Vee Tire White Wall Zig Zag Tire with multi-purpose compound.
  • Feature: Classic Wide White Wall design
  • Feature: The Multipurpose Compound is designed for long mileage and added protection against flats. It also provides durability and lengthens the life of the tire with a low hardness rating of 56