VeeMoto Rear Tire 80/100-14 MotoCross Off-Road Street Dirt Bike 80 100 14 Tackee

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VeeMoto 80/100-14 Motocross Tire 

The VeeMoto tire is a favorite for many racers. Its designed specifically for these bikes to hook up through the power band and produce the best traction.

  • Excellent tread spacing works extremely well in mud and loose dirt/sand
  • Durable intermediate rubber compound
  • Excellent grip on all surfaces
  • Off-Road use ONLY
  1. Tread Pattern:

    • Knobby Tread: Motocross tires typically have a knobby tread pattern. Knobs are the raised rubber portions on the tire's surface, and they are strategically placed to provide traction on loose dirt, mud, sand, and other off-road surfaces.
  2. Construction:

    • Lightweight Construction: Motocross tires are designed to be lightweight for better agility and maneuverability on the track. This allows riders to navigate through jumps, turns, and obstacles with greater control.
  3. Sidewall Reinforcement:

    • Reinforced Sidewalls: Motocross tires often have reinforced sidewalls to provide durability and resist damage from rocks, roots, and other obstacles on the track.