(2) 13x6.50-6 Smooth 4 Ply Tires Fits Scag, Gravely, Hustler, Toro, Ferris Slick 13x650-6

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Pair of 13x6.50-6 Smooth Tires

These are standard replacement tires.

  1. Size Notation:

    • 13x6.50-6
      • 13: Overall height or diameter of the tire in inches.
      • 6.50: Width of the tire in inches.
      • -6: Rim diameter in inches.
  2. Specifications:

    • Smooth 4 Ply: Indicates the tire model and specifications.
      • Smooth: Refers to the tread pattern, indicating a smooth or non-aggressive surface suitable for various terrains.
      • 4 Ply: Indicates the ply rating, specifically 4 plies. Ply rating is a measure of the tire's strength and load-carrying capacity. A 4-ply tire is common for light to moderate-duty applications.
  3. Fits Brands:

    • Fits Scag, Gravely, Hustler, Toro, Ferris: Indicates the compatibility of the tires with certain brands of lawn mowers and possibly other small utility vehicles.
  4. Slick Design:

    • The term "Slick" typically implies a smooth and continuous tread pattern without grooves or lugs. Slick tires are often used for specific applications where minimal traction disruption is desired, such as on well-groomed lawns.
  5. Intended Use:

    • Lawn Mower Tires: Given the compatibility with brands known for manufacturing lawn mowers, these tires are likely designed for use in lawn care equipment.
  6. Application:

    • Smooth Tread: The smooth tread pattern, especially with a slick design, suggests minimal impact on the turf and is suitable for use on well-maintained lawns.
  7. Ply Rating:

    • A 4-ply rating indicates a moderate level of strength and load-carrying capacity suitable for the intended applications.


Commonly used applications:

Bad Boy - BigDog - Blue Bird

Bob Cat - Bunton - Dixie Chopper

Dixon - Encore - Exmark - Ferris

Grass Hopper - Gravely - Great Dane

Honda - Hustler - John Deere - Kees

Lesco - Scag - Snapper - Toro

Walker - Woods - Yazoo