2 Tires Lawn Mower Big Bite 18X8.50-10 Load 4 Ply Lawn & Garden 18x850x10 Tractor

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The Armstrong Big Bite is an all season tire made for lawnmowers and garden tractors.

The model promotes great performance on various terrains. This tread pattern can easily handle grass and turf terrain surfaces. The large elements firmly grip the surface with additional biting edges and keep forward motion at all times. These elements significantly improve the tire’s performance on uneven terrains. At the same time, the self-cleaning nature maintains a clean footprint. The special tread elements eliminate mud, snow, and rocks stuck between the tread elements for better traction. Additionally, this tread pattern resists stone retention, protecting the casing from harm.

The optimal tread pattern and the durable rubber compound work together to improve the tire’s performance. In other words, they enhance steering responsiveness and driving stability. The steering response time is quicker and more precise to the driver’s commands, while the structure is secured against driving pressure. The large tread elements and their continuous contact with the driving surface boost cornering and maneuvering. As a result, the driver has full control over the vehicle.

All season performance is offered with this tire. The optimal tread pattern and the all season compound improve the tire’s dry, wet, and winter-weather traction. In this manner, the optimal tread pattern maintains surface contact in all conditions, while the all season compound keeps the rubber flexible in changing temperatures. These elements ensure the tire’s safer performance in year-round applications.

The Armstrong Big Bite improves its turf traction. The ideal tread pattern and its soft traction ensure a turf-friendly performance. This tread design enables it to ease the driving pressure off the tire, minimizing the pressure affecting the driving surface. As a result, the tire manages to prevent damage to the grass and turf terrain. They resist turf damage from harming the grass, which makes the tire perfect for lawnmowers and garden tractors.