Two 24x12x12 Riding 24X12.00-12 Lawn Mower Tractor Tires Tubeless 24x1200x12

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These lawn and turf-friendly Low Speed Tires are specifically designed for applications that require turf-protection and minimal wheel slip. Rounded shoulders and unique center tread design allow a gentle contact patch that guards turf from scrubs and tears in turns and pivots. Ideal for landscaping, transport and other general use equipment like riding lawn mowers, wagons, carts and other pull-behind vehicles. Easy-wearing Heavy-duty  4-ply construction.

These tires are specifically designed for use on grass and turf surfaces. These tires have a unique tread pattern that minimizes impact on delicate surfaces while providing sufficient traction. The tread typically features a shallower and wider design compared to standard tires, reducing the risk of causing damage to lawns, golf courses, or other grassy areas.

Turf tread tires are commonly used on lawn mowers, golf carts, utility vehicles, and other equipment that operates on grass. The design aims to distribute the vehicle's weight evenly and minimize soil compaction, preventing the turf from being torn or damaged during operation. The focus is on providing a gentle touch on grassy surfaces while ensuring enough traction for effective maneuvering.